Once again, Parkview Hills is inviting community members to join the Natural Areas Stewardship Committee in our annual spring Garlic Mustard Pull campaign.

Garlic Mustard is an aggressive, invasive plant growing in our natural areas, yards, and gardens. Wildlife do not eat GM. Our native flowers, like Trillium and Jack-in-the-Pulpit, will proliferate when not crowded out by GM.

Here’s how in three easy steps:

● Walk the trails and look for these garlic mustard signs (see attached photo) along the trail; grab a bag from the post or bring your own.
● Pulling GM is easy. Pull from the roots and put the flowering ends deep into your bag. You can stop hundreds of new GM seeds by removing one plant.
● Tie your bag tightly when done and leave it next to a trail sign or in one of the garbage bins for pickup later.

Thank you for lending a hand in this good work for our natural areas.