The Parkview Hills Clubhouse (PHC) Library is staffed by two resident volunteers. Anita Lawson is a retired high school librarian; Joan Harmens taught elementary school and raised two fantastic children with her husband. For 4 years now, these two have been working on organizing and updating the library. They both believe in the importance of reading and the comfort you can find in escaping to a new world.

Fiction books are the biggest section in the clubhouse library, and have the most current books. There are all types of fiction books in order by author.

The books with a Michigan sticker are either written by a Michigan author, take place in Michigan, or are about Michigan. Look for the sticker!

Paperback books and short stories are located under the TV. The books are alphabetical by author. Again, we have a wide selection of titles. Don’t forget to check there when looking for fiction books.

The librarians have added a children’s section, including a rack with picture books and a small bookcase with chapter books and young adult books. Again, Anita and Joan are trying to get the most-up-to-date books they can.

The non-fiction section has a nice selection with a concentration on Michigan. You can find books in this area on Cooking, History, Nature, Parenting, Spirituality, Poetry, Animals, Travel, and more. Check it out sometime!

Because the shelving space is so small, the librarians are limited in what they keep. Our books are donated, with some children’s books purchased by the librarians. All books with a fairly current copyright date are accepted. What isn’t used goes to a good home. There is a basket behind the door to put all returned books and donations. Please remember to return books when you finish them.

If you have visitors who would like to read a book from the library, they are welcome to take the book home if not finished. Next time they visit, they can return the book or leave one of their own in its place. That goes for the kids, also!

Please visit the Parkview Hills Clubhouse Library.

Michigan Books

If you look closely, you will see a Michigan sticker on the spine of many books. That means that the book is one or more of the following:

  • Michigan Author

  • About Michigan

  • Takes Place in Michigan

You can find all 3 types in: fiction, poetry, nature, kids books, and more. We are also always on the lookout for more Michigan Books!