Trails Committee Mission

  • to provide education, to promote, monitor, protect, preserve, and maintain the usability and safety of the trails in Parkview Hills.

Trails Vision

  • the trails were developed by Parkview Hills so that residents could enjoy the many natural areas of our community

Trails Definition

A trail is an obstacle-free groomed community path approximately 3 to 8-feet wide
• includes: appropriate materials for walkable groomed paths, P-H South bridge, natural feature signs, trash bins, doggie bags, invasive plants growing in the path, and the promotion of education materials of natural areas

• excludes: Monet Bridge, volleyball court, boat parks, beach, invasive plants not growing in the path, infrastructure needs…

Trails Committee Scope of Responsibilities

Proactive management includes, but is not limited, to:
• planned assessment of defined community trails
• objective and data-based decisions
• coordination with Natural Areas Stewardship Committee to avoid unintended consequences of actions
• provide the Board with researched solutions and estimated costs of repairs and highlight near and long-term management needs, e.g., benches, natural features signs, persistent trail damage due to infrastructure (e.g., catchment basins)
• development of educational materials of natural features along the trails
• visual signs indicating trails

Trails Committee Members

Michael Kruk, Chair

Committee Applications:

Interested in serving on this committee? Click here to fill it out the Google form.

Trail Map and Descriptions

Until this year, we only had three trails that were named “A,” “B,” and “C.” We have given A, B, and C proper names. Find out how the trails got their new names and where they are. In the future, we are planning to have signs for each trail.

Click here to access the trail map and trail descriptions. Download it to your phone!

Educational Resources

MI INVASIVES:  Have you ever walked on the trail and wondered what’s that plant? Is that an invasive plant? Wonder no more.

Check out our sample PDFs of Garlic Mustard and Tree of Heaven.

Download the PDF:  A Field Identification Guide Invasive Plants in Michigan’s Natural Communities

Put the PDFs into your smart phone ebook app. You’ll learn something as you are having a pleasant walk on the trails.

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