EARC Covenant

The Environmental and Architectural Review Committee (EARC) is vital to maintaining and enhancing the environmental integrity of Parkview Hills. The committee’s general responsibilities include:

  • Handling requests for tree removal and exterior building alterations
  • Taking on projects self-initiated or assigned by the Parkview Hills Community Association Board (Board)


Regular monthly meetings are held unless canceled for lack of agenda items. Special meetings can be called at any time agreeable to all voting members. The regular May meeting includes the election of officers by the voting members.

A meeting quorum consists of two voting members. A voting member abstains if he/she has a conflict of interest.

Expedited Action

Any voting member can call for expedited action on a tree removal situation. This may be due, for example, to an actual or probable threat to human safety or property. Voting is conducted by e-mail with the action promptly conveyed to the owner and included in the minutes of the next regular meeting.

Membership and Officers

  • The EARC is comprised of 5 members — resident voting members, a Consultant, a Management Representative, and a Board Representative. Appointments are made by the Board.
  • Officers are determined by the voting members, to include a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and a Secretary.
  • The Chairperson presides at meetings, calls special meetings, appoints ad hoc committees, signs all correspondence, and submits an annual report to the Board by May 1.
  • The Vice Chairperson assumes the duties of an absent Chairperson.
  • The Secretary prepares the meeting agenda, drafts and distributes approved meeting minutes, helps prepare correspondence, and maintains an EARC reference manual.
  • The Consultant provides written recommendations on requests other than those specified for Expedited Action (see below).
  • The Management Representative receives requests from owners, assures they are in completed form, and forwards them to the committee members.
  • The Board Representative serves as a liaison with the EARC.
  • Current EARC Members: Vaughn Maatman, chair; Rick Schmitt, John Esch, Brendan Gauthier

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