Court Committee Mission

To improve and enrich the lives of Parkview Hills residents through physical and social interaction by use of the sports courts (tennis, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard).


  • To meet monthly to improve the sports courts usage in Parkview Hills.
  • To plan and host events open to Parkview Hills Residents during the 2023 season and in the future.
  • No financials will be needed as there will not be a budget or funds for this committee. (PHCA Board is over budget)
  • This committee is an at-will committee; all participation is strictly voluntary.
  • Participation in this committee does not grant any special services or usage of the courts.
  • Court rules and regulations are determined and enforced by PHCA Board and cannot be contraindicated.

Court Committee Members

Coach Greg Root – Head of Committee

Greg Cowles

Sarah Cramer

Patricia Byrne

Yasmin Kashef – Secretary

Laurie Young

Kathie Kaakani

Parkview Hills Courts  Gallery