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BPC Mission

To encourage a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of the Boat, Kayak, and Beach Park on beautiful Lake Hill ‘N Brook.

BPC Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Boat, Kayak, and Beach Park Committee is:

  • To achieve effective, enlightened management of our Lake Hill ‘N Brook areas in cooperation with Gardner Management and the Willow Lake Clubhouse Staff.
  • To provide timely communication by email, The Warbler, Parkview Hills Willow Lake Clubhouse Facebook page, posted notices, and verbal presentations to:
    • Current registrants and those interested in securing a slot
    • PHCA Board
    • Other Parkview Hills residents 
    • Other Parkview Hills committees
    • The Natural Areas Stewardship Committee
  • To organize regular meetings that will include work sessions at Lake Hill ‘N Brook.

BPC Officials

BPC Events

The Boat, Kayak, and Beach Park Committee has answers for you:

Annual registration for the boat and kayak slots occurs each spring. If you are already signed up, just stop at the clubhouse desk, update your registration form, and pay your $100.00 annual fee. Your fee is paying for two docks, open access to our lake, a raked beach, benches, and tables.

Previous year registrations will get a letter in the mail each spring to ascertain renewal. Then we will work on our current waiting list.

If a slot is minus its kayak, the kayak may be enjoying other beautiful waters. Please store your kayak in its designated slot. If you have any questions, please ask at the clubhouse desk.

Remember-there must be two signees to use a community boat. If you have a question or want to reserve a community boat, ask at the clubhouse desk.

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Boat, Kayak, and Beach Park Committee

Michael Kruk, Chair

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