NAPH Board Members

President: Belinda McDougal

Vice President: Bonnie Alkema

Director of Communications: Kathy Kienle

Secretary: John Piper

Treasurer: Marcy Ohs

Directors (2 years): Karen Schmitt, Dean Hauck

Directors (1 year): Greg Nakken, Carol Trittschuh

NAPH Mission

Neighborhood Association of Parkview Hills Mission Statement and Statement of Goals

To provide a unified voice for residents of Parkview Hills

• To provide a welcoming forum for discussions of the neighborhood concerns; to be a strong voice for our community; and to take action when needed.

• To provide avenues of communication for residents on all topics of neighborhood interest. Residents are defined as those living in single homes, condos, apartments, and duplexes. Other stakeholders include business owners located in our community.

• To co-exist with and complement the Parkview Hills Community Association (PHCA) Board of Directors.

• To communicate with and to support other entities, such as:
Other neighborhood associations
The management company for the PHCA and the Willow Lake Clubhouse staff
The Natural Areas Stewardship Committee
Other Parkview Hills committees
The Asylum Lake Preserve Association (ALPA)
The City of Kalamazoo

• To preserve and enhance our collective vision of our neighborhood and its natural areas, as well as to look forward to and plan for the future of Parkview Hills.

NAPH Events


On behalf of the Neighborhood Association of Parkview Hills (NAPH), we would like to welcome you to your new home. Our purpose is to provide a unified voice for all Parkview Hills residents and, in doing so, we offer our assistance to the Parkview Hills Community Association (PHCA), which oversees many of the larger issues including budgeting, finance, and maintenance of the grounds and its amenities. We all believe that involved neighbors make good neighbors and good neighbors make great neighborhoods.

If the idea of having a voice in your neighborhood and making it an even better place to live appeals to you, please attend NAPH open meetings at the Clubhouse at 7:00 pm on the 1st Thursday of the month. Check Facebook or call the Clubhouse at (269) 372-4444 to verify the meeting date and time, as occasional exceptions occur due to pre-planned events and holidays. Join NAPH by emailing us at You may also leave your name and contact information (email address and/or phone #) for NAPH at the Clubhouse, and someone will contact you. Membership is free.

To join our email list, use this link (case sensitive). We will keep you informed of our meetings, social events, interesting speakers, and the efforts we are making to address the concerns of Parkview Hills residents.


Parkview Hills Clubhouse, staffed daily 9 am to 9 pm (winter til 6 pm)

Phone: (269) 372-4444





Neighborhood Association of Parkview Hills (NAPH)



Parkview Hills Community Association (PCHA)


(use this to ask about Trails, Boat Park, Tree Removal, and other committees)


Gardner Management. Hours M-F, 8 am to 5 pm

phone: (269) 323-7774


Parkview Hills Security

See your Warbler for current hours

phone: (269) 921-8409


If after their hours, call the appropriate police number listed below:

Kalamazoo Police/Fire

NON-EMERGENCY phone: (269) 488-8911

Kalamazoo Police/Fire

EMERGENCY phone: DIAL  9-1-1


Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement

phone: (269) 383-8775


Parkview Hills was the vision of two friends, H. Lewis Batts and Burton Upjohn. In 1970, they began converting 290 acres into a community planned to provide residences of all types that would co-exist in harmony with nature and be respectful of the environment. Their dream is now a reality with the number of condominiums, apartments, and private homes totaling 760 units. Included among its amenities are indoor and outdoor pools, an exercise room, a library, tennis and pickleball courts, beach and boating opportunities, well-marked walking trails, and planned social events. The Parkview Hills Clubhouse staff and the monthly newsletter, The Warbler, are excellent sources of information about our neighborhood activities and special events that the staff organizes with aid from NAPH members and other volunteers. Check the Clubhouse bulletin board area for nearby business information and public transportation schedules. The staff can also assist you in obtaining a key fob for after-hours facility use. We, in Parkview Hills, are in Voting Precinct #26 and we vote at the Clubhouse for all elections.


There is very little crime in Parkview Hills, but practicing good safety measures is always advisable. Solicitation of any kind without proper permission is not allowed, but make sure you know who is at your door before opening it. Keep your garage door closed and, if you park outside, be sure your vehicle is locked and that any valuables are removed or concealed from view. If you see questionable activity involving Parkview Hills amenities (pool, boat park, tennis courts, etc.), call the Clubhouse. Outside of Clubhouse hours, call Parkview Security or the Kalamazoo Police Non-Emergency number using the numbers given you on the preceding page. In cases of real emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. NOTE: please consider downloading the Neighbors by Ring App referred to as ‘the new neighborhood watch’. Law enforcement can view residents’ posts about suspicious activity and also share crime and safety updates in our area. No special doorbell is needed for this to work. Find out more at

For the comfort and safety of all Parkview residents and wildlife, pets must always be leashed, under control, and cleaned up after. Pet waste bags are provided throughout Parkview Hills.

A recycling area is provided for the convenience of our residents near the #7 trailhead (see map). Please use this area responsibly. Place only accepted recyclables in the clearly-marked collection bins. Find customized recycling information on the free app, Kalamazoo Recycle Coach.

Of extreme importance to avoid injury to walkers and wildlife:


Get involved by joining NAPH today!



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