The trail system at Parkview Hills is one of the unique amenities of living here.  Walking the trails offers a sensory experience too often missed in a noisy, over scheduled, technology driven world.  The Parkview Hills Trails Committee updated the Trails Map and selected trail names based on history, visual inspiration, and whimsy.

The trail begins at Greenleaf Blvd between the playground and the Monet Bridge. Looking across Cherry Creek west features views of marshland, woodland, and is home for the creatures who live there.

Across the Monet Bridge, you access the Pineview Trail. This loop follows along the other side of Cherry Creek behind the Cliffs featuring woodland, marshland, and an east view of white pines. The Pineview Trail can also be accessed from Greenleaf Blvd south of the bridge.

Beginning below the Clubhouse and encircling Willow Lake, the trail was named by early residents and immortalized with a sign high on a Maple tree at the intersection with the Three Lakes Trail.

At the same intersection with Willow Lake Circle, Three Lakes Trail leads south following the three lakes. This was also named by early residents and a sign placed high on a different tree, can be seen when facing west.  

The third historical Trail sign marks the passage leading from Three Lakes Trail across the Portage Creek Bridge and floating dock to the South Shores of Parkview Hills.

Connecting Three Lakes Trail and the volleyball court, boating, and beach meadow, this bridge is surrounded by cattails. 

With a nod to the 21st Century’s Green Movement and the PVH dedication to the environment, this trailhead begins at the recycling center, leading down to the volleyball, boating, and beach meadow.

Named in honor of Arthur Falk, for his dedication to preserving the Fen and restoring the beach. Arthur Falk was one of the original residents of Parkview Hills and served on the PHCA board. This Trail connects the Green Trail, volleyball court, beach meadow, and leads west to the three remaining trails.

The trailhead is across from Old Field Place, leading down the ravine to the Arthur Falk Beach Trail. One frequently sees deer, fox, coyote, and other wildlife.

A geographically inspired name, this trailhead begins directly across from the Community Garden and connects with the Arthur Falk Beach trail.

This trail starts at the intersection of Arthur Falk Beach Trail and Garden Gate Trail at the lake level just past Buck Run. It winds uphill and loops high offering views of Lake Hill n Brook, the Fen, and Sunset (a.k.a. Mud) Lake.