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Parkview Hills Announcements

January 3, 2022


Important Dates

January 11th, 6pm: Public PHCA Board meeting, in person (masks are encouraged) and via zoom (link to come).

January 17th: Last day to discard your Christmas Trees; there is a bin set up in the recycling center, which is located on Greenleaf Circle across from Lake Villa West.


A word from Caren Braymer, President of PHCA:

December 2021

Dear Residents,

As Parkview Hills Community Association Board President, I will be sending a monthly note to help with communication in Parkview Hills. The following is a list of projects this board has accomplished in the last 4 years:

  1. Replacement of 3 original clubhouse retaining walls
  2. Replacement of the original boiler
  3. Replacement of clubhouse thermostats
  4. Update and resurfaced the interior of the outdoor pool
  5. Replacement of the surface of the upper tennis courts
  6. Replacement of original Club House roof
  7. Reparation of the erosion between Katydid and Blackberry Lane and between Blackberry and Songbird Lane due to 50 years of neglect
  8. Cleared limbs and trees from trails and common areas


We have many projects in our future; the following list is just a starting point:

  1. Replace original clubhouse deck and stairs
  2. Redo indoor pool and decking
  3. Redecorate the entire clubhouse
  4. Complete more erosion control repairs

The projects completed and the projects planned in the future are made possible by the Parkview Hills Community Association annual dues. These dues are used to maintain, repair, and replace the amenities and common areas of Parkview Hills. Because Parkview Hills is 50 years old, and in need of a great deal of care in order to get back in shape. The Parkview Hills Community Association board made the decision to raise the annual dues from $700.00 in 2021 to $800.00 in 2022 for each apartment, condo, and home. This amounts to $8.33 more a month. We are putting money aside each year for capital improvements. This is long overdue, and we hope you understand how important this work is.


Caren Braymer

President PHCA


Art News

Beverly Comins will provide an exhibit featuring her work in watercolors and pastels for the month of January, 2022.

The following is a statement provided to us from the artist:

My love for art began as a child. I was always doodling, drawing, or painting. As an elementary school teacher, I used art in my classroom to help students express themselves.

Being able to watercolor paint and work in pastels has been a gift in my life. Painting is a form of meditation for me, bringing me great peace and happiness. It helps me escape into my own world. I love experimenting with different color combinations, designs, and shapes. I’m a life-long student of art, and continue to take art classes, learning along the way.

I feel so lucky to be able to spend time doing something I love so much.


Trail News

Please refrain from leaving food for the wildlife on the trails; it is a practice that is not only dangerous for the wild animals, but it poses a threat to domesticated animals, as well.


Thanks go to…

  • Grace Field and Grace Notes 111 which provided a wonderful recital in Parkview Hills Clubhouse this past month. Bravo!
  • All those who gave so generously to the Angel Tree Drive; your gifts made for a wonderful Holiday for many.
  • All of our volunteers who generously instill life into Parkview Hills Clubhouse:
    • Library: Anita Lawson & Joan Harmens
    • Decorations: Morris & Genevieve Dean; Sycketa & Carl Giacabone