We currently have 8 bus stops in Parkview Hills (see below) supporting ridership on Greenleaf Boulevard and Greenleaf Circle for condo and apartment dwellers. KMetro has proposed a new Oakland #4 bus route that will eliminate the bus stops in Parkview Hills. In this proposal, there will be only one bus stop on Parkview Avenue for our residents. In addition to losing our bus stops, this may also affect the cost of riding Metro Connect. Therefore, we need to increase our bus ridership in Parkview Hills to justify maintaining our current bus stops.



To increase ridership, the Parkview Hills Community Association (PHCA) and the Parkview Hills Neighborhood Association (NAPH) are offering up to 4 free tokens per week per person. To obtain your free tokens, we will ask you to complete a request form and use it to get the free tokens from the clubhouse. You can download and print the document, or fill one out at the clubhouse desk. If you have any questions about the request form or other information about what NAPH is doing to work with KMetro, please contact Marcy Ohs via email at marcy.ohs[at]wmich.edu (Secretary/Treasurer of NAPH).


Reasons to ride the bus:

  • To offset the cost of gas (bus fares are $1.50 for adults and 70 cents for seniors)
  • To reduce emissions from cars
  • To ride to appointments, downtown (for events or shopping), college, get groceries, school, work, or other reasons
  • To have time to look at your phone or read a book while going to your destination
  • To support KMetro and the City of Kalamazoo
  • To save our KMetro bus service


We will want to be included in the proposed new Oakland #4 bus route, because it will be a bi-directional route from the Kalamazoo Transit Center to Century Avenue and back from Century Avenue to the Kalamazoo Transit Center (taking approximately 30 minutes each way). This will eliminate the current one-way route that takes approximately 60 minutes and goes south into parts of Portage on the return ride.


For more information about the KMetro bus service, go to www.KMetro.com.


Our Parkview Hills Bus Routes include the following eight stops:

  • #154 – near Upper & Lower Pines Condos and the Upper Tennis Court
  • #155 – near Cliffs and the Meadows Condos
  • #156 – near Woodstone West Apartments and Meadows Condos
  • #157 – near Cedaridge and Shores Condos and Willow Creek Apartments
  • #158 – near Woodstone East Apartments and Willow Creek Apartments
  • #159 – in front of the Clubhouse
  • #160 – in front of Martell’s
  • #161 – near Willow Creek Apartments and The Shoppes