Michigan Primary Election on Tuesday, August 4th

  • Please be aware that to ensure fair voting rights, the Parkview Hills Community Association has honored their agreement to host the August 4th
  • The polls will be open from 7am-8pm.
  • The City of Kalamazoo will be providing a professional disinfection/cleaning on Wednesday, August 5th.


 Repairs and Maintenance Updates

  • A new wall in front of the clubhouse indoor pool is slated to begin construction.
  • The Gazebo at Willow Lake was found to be structurally unsafe by an architectural engineering company. Plans for a replacement will be forthcoming.
  • PLM Lake & Land Management is treating Cherry Creek and Willow Lake four times a year to abate the algae and invasive weeds. Unfortunately, this treatment does not successfully treat lily pads.
  • As many of you may have noticed, the Willow Lake fountain is intermittently working. We are aware of the problem and PLM Lake & Land Management is working diligently to find a permanent solution.
  • The erosion on the catch basin between Katydid and Blackberry Lane is being investigated; look for an update in the next announcements.
  • The east entrance into Parkview Hills is being cleared of weeds and being provided with chips for maintenance.


Pool Updates

  • A big thank you to everyone who is helping to keep our community safe by adhering to the rules that have been created for the use of the swimming pool. Please remember to always wear a mask, stay socially distant, and carry a form of ID that proves PH residency.
  • A full list of regulations can be found on the front door of the clubhouse, facebook page, and our website, located here: https://parkviewhillsclubhouse.com/2020/06/25/pool-opening-information-and-new-pool-tennis-court-rules/
  • A special note regarding social distancing at the pool: parents, please let your children know that activities such as Marco Polo are not a good idea at this time. Most importantly, convey to your children how much we all are looking forward to a time when we can once again be together in the water without a concern of staying six feet apart, and using your inside voices to reduce respiratory spray.


Tennis Court Updates

  • Tennis and pickleball players, please review the updated tennis court rules, located here: https://parkviewhillsclubhouse.com/2020/06/25/pool-opening-information-and-new-pool-tennis-court-rules/.
  • Our upper courts are very much in demand, and we have made every effort to create an equitable opportunity for everyone in PH.
  • Very important: Parking on Greenleaf Boulevard for tennis court use is obstructing the view of the residents of the Lower Pines to exit the parking lot; this is creating a potential danger. Please find alternative parking arrangements.


Boat, Kayak, and Beach Park Updates

  • The boat and kayak rentals park have reached almost full capacity. There are currently three boat park slots and two kayak spots available for rent, if interested contact the Willow Lake Clubhouse front desk.
  • Lake Hill ’N Brook has been tested for swimming safety. They test for E. coli, and if the level is 300 or more, the health department puts out an advisory for swimming precautions. Our water tested at 31, which is well below 300. Please enjoy a refreshing swim at our beautiful Lake.